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Fill Out Form & Schedule Consultation

Fill Out Form & Schedule Consultation

This is the first step in the gathering of information regarding what type of service you are interested in, your general timeline, as well as a few questions to help us get to know you better and an understanding of your intentions.

Consultation & Schedule Assessment

Consultation & Schedule Assessment

This is the first step in the gathering of information regarding what type of service you are interested in, your general timeline, as well as a few questions to help us get to know you better and an understanding of your intentions.

Assessment & Setting Expectations

Assessment & Expectation Setting

After some planning, we show up on site with our team, which takes about 1 week per location assessing, depends on the complexity of the business.  As we move throughout the business, we will be gathering information and discussing best practices, aligning expectations along the way.

Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Diagnosis & Treatment Options

After a little time to put together our diagnosis and recommendations, we present them to you in person, or over the phone.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Either We Are Involved in the implementation, or not.  Regardless, we will be there for the strategic planning and be available for any questions that you may have.

Just Like Going To The Doctor...Kinda!

Common Questions & Concerns

Everyone Is A Little Nervous To Get Started...


Our assessments are designed around the two different customers we are targeting, business owners and business investors.

  • General Health Assessment is for the owner that isn't sure they want a transformation, but they want to know how healthy and fit their business is.
  • Transformation Physical is for the owner that knows they want to transform their business, so during our assessment, we go into "the details" of all the business value streams.
  • Investor Assessment is designed for business investors and investment groups to help them make better investment decisions.  We evaluate the people, processes and technology and give you our recommendations for guiding the business from a startup to a mature business.  Of course investors can use us for transformations, but that can always be discussed later.

Of course.  We may have to gather more details, but after an assessment, we will have a very good idea where to look quickly for the extra details we need.

Each of the assessments takes a different amount of time because of the details we have to collect; however, it usually takes about a 1 week for a General Assessment or 2 weeks for a Sports Physical per location.

No.  We have been doing this for 25 years and have gotten good at gathering information while people work.

Will there be some meetings and times when we need to gather everyone together, Yes; however, we never shut down production except during implementations!

During the assessments we will bring myself and any technology partners that are identified during our Initial Consultation.

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During the assessments, we will need to have access to everyone for interviews.

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Yes we do; however, we highly recommend getting a sports physical if we are going to be traveling internationally!  However, if you only want an assessment, we will gladly do it but you are responsible for the travel.

No.  There are NO Money Back Guarantees for assessments.  You are paying for our expertise on what is wrong and we stand by it. 

We will look at it again to see "what happened", but we only guarantee the work that we actually help implement --  because we won't let you cut corners!


Fundamentally there is no difference!  They are both grounded in the same principles and both will help you dramatically change your performance.

However, Real-Time takes your business to the next level.  Once you have developed plays for situations, you will never look at your business the same way, as focus your improvements arounds situations that actually exist!

Yes, any business can benefit from a Real-TIme Transformation; however, it isn't cheap getting Real-Time data - something most businesses don't currently have available to them.

That said, we won't recommend Real-Time after an assessment, even if that is what you want, if we don't believe you are ready for it. 

Each transformation is different and it all depends what we find during the assessment.   If the business has the appropriate infrastructure and technology, then the transformation can go quickly - within a month if the resources are available. 

However, if there are fundamental problems and out-dated technology, then it can take awhile if funding isn't already available.  In these instances, we will put together a plan that meets your budget and timeline.

The resources we need will be identified after the assessment.  However, for it to be efficient, we will need some of your internal experts.

  1. Someone familiar with the current technology and data infrastructure, along with
  2. A leader that knows the "in's & out's" of your business and people, since we are going to want to have access to every associate for interviews and feedback.

During all transformations, I will of course be there, along with any technology partners that we have brought in during the assessment process.

Nothing will be a surprise once the transformation has been planned and we are on the ground implementing!

Yes!  During the transformation, we are going to need a "War Room" where we can plan.  The size of room(s) will depend on the amount of people involved in the transformation.  Again, something that will get ironed out after the assessment and we know what we need.

It's also good to have it centrally located because we will continually bring people in and out to see what we are doing, as well as, gathering information from them and capturing it immediately.

A Commitment Card is a signed document holding you accountable for doing "what you said you wanted to do"!

It seems "korny", but just like people, when you right down your commitments, they are harder to quit!

If however, you do everything we agree to after the assessment phase, and for some reason you don't see the results, we will refund my expenses - except for the travel and the technology.

Business Insurance is a service that we offer our transformation clients after their transformation is complete.  Just like human health insurance, it allows you access to our services at a discounted rate. 

Once you have completed our program, your habits will be changed and your ability to heal yourself will be dramatically improved; however, there will always be times when you need a doctor...or psychologist!

We have monthly, quarterly and yearly plans that allow businesses 

Yes.  We have no problem traveling the world; however, the travel expenses are a little higher.

For long distances, we can consolidate the Assessment and Transformation phases, which would typically be done at least a few weeks later, for everyone to finalize decisions and make final plans.  

Yes we do!  Both Real-Time & Total Business Transformations have a money-back guarantee; however, it comes with a catch - you actually have to sign a commitment card that di

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