Real-Time Transformations

When Time & Teamwork TRULY Matters!

Time Is Money

Whether Your Team Is Losing It, Taking It, Or Wasting It!

Time Is Money_Losing Time_1080x1080
Losing Time
Time Is Money_Taking Time_1080x1080
Taking Time
Time Is Money_Wasting Time_1080x1080
Wasting Time

Time Is The Only Thing You Can't Get Back...
Use It Wisely!

Real-Time Helps You Save Time!

It Does A Whole Lot More...It's The Agility & Flexibility Everyone Is Looking For!

Faster Decisions

Faster Decisions

With plays organized around situations, your real-time decisions are much faster if you need to change directions!

Immediate Signaling

Immediate Signaling

Once a decision is made to change real-time, a signal can immediately be communicated, so the opportunity isn't missed!


One Message

One message, sent to everyone simultaneously, both verbally and visually, tells everyone what they are supposed to do.

Quicker Reactions

Quicker Reactions

As they have practiced, the entire team hears the new play and immediately changes directions and follows the new plan.

Treating ALL Your Important Intra-Day "Situations" This Way!

Don't Think...React!

We Completely Transformed The "Old-School" Real-Time Process!

"Old-School" Method

Old-School Real-Time_600x600

Relies on Workforce/Capacity Management teams to respond to requests, while managing and adjusting capacity Real-Time.

anleyez Method

anleyez Real-Time_600x600

Eliminates most requests, while automating the capacity adjustments Real-Time, by signaling pre-defined "Plays"!

There Is No Time To Think...
In The Middle Of The Game!

What It "Looks" Like

Stop What You Are Doing...Do This Now!

People Following Original "Plan"

What It Looks Like_People Following Original Plan_450x450

Things Happened...
A New "Plan" Is Signaled

What It Looks Like_Signal To Change_450x450

Everyone Stops & Follows New "Plan"

What It Looks Like_What Everyone Is Doing Now_450x450

It's Just Lean Principles...
Applied To The Digital Environment!!

Truly A Game Changer!

Andon Signaling System...Integrated With Kanban & SMED Features!


Truly a game changer_andon_1000x1000

For Immediate Signaling


Truly a game changer_kanban_1000x1000

For What To Do Next


Truly a game changer_SMED_1000x1000

For Faster Reactions

Enabling Both Flow AND Pull...

Components of Real-Time...

A System Of Integrated Systems!

Team Playbooks

Real-Time Team Playbooks

Plays are organized around common "situations" that define the roles and responsibilities for each "position"

Measurement Systems

Real-Time Measurement Systems

The most important part. If you aren't measuring your performance real-time, then you won't be able to react real time!

Signaling Systems

Real-Time Signaling Systems

The methods used to communicate plays to everyone at the same time.  Technology has evolved to include Real-Time!

Control Systems

Real-Time Controls

How you ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to be doing it!

It's Simpler Than You Might Think...
To Develop & Implement!

Loaded With Benefits

Far Greater Than The Time And $'s Saved Initially!

Loaded With Benefits_See Improvements In_1024x1024
See Improvements In
    • Flexibility
    • Agility
    • Focus
    • Performance
Loaded With Benefits_Helps Promote_1024x1024
It Helps Promote
    • Accountability
    • Teamwork
    • Healthy Habits
    • Healthy Immune System
Loaded With Benefits_Enables_1024x1024
An Enabler For
    • Self-Awareness
    • Synchronization
    • Focused Improvements
    • Artificial Intelligence

It's About Getting Your Team On The Same Page ...
And Enabling Them To Perform Like One!

Where It's Most Valuable

Some Value-Streams Benefit More Than Others!

Where Its Most Valuable_Internal and External Servicing_1000x1000
Internal & External Servicing
Where Its Most Valuable_Digital and Physical Operations_1000x1000
Digital & Physical Operations
Where Its Most Valuable_Sales and Marketing Campaigns_1000x1000
Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Anywhere You Need People To "Change Directions"...
Anytime Throughout The Day!

We Even Have A...

Money-Back Guarantee

On All Our Transformation Packages!

Why anleyez_Gaurantee_1280x720

We Are That Confident In What We Do!

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