Total Body Transformations

Helping Businesses Adapt, Survive & Thrive!

Why Do Transformations Fail?

They Always Start With Good Intentions...

Why Do Transformations Fail

People Deserve Better!

"People" Deserve Results...
Not Just Good Intentions!

There Are Many Ways It Can Go Wrong

Trust Us...We've Been On Both Sides Of Failure & Success!

Why Transformations Fail_Knowledge_500x500

Lack of knowledge and experience drives poor strategies.

Why Transformations Fail_Strategy_500x500

Poor strategies drive poor decisions and implementations.

Why Transformations Fail_Implementation_500x500

Poor implementation leads to loss of confidence.

Why Transformations Fail_Confidence_500x500

Less confidence drives indecision and less commitment.

Why Transformations Fail_Commitment_500x500

Less commitment is the first step before they quit!

And Lastly, More Common Than You Would Think...

Why Transformations Fail_Readiness_500x500


Some may be injured, or suffering from a "pre-existing condition",  preventing them from succeeding in the first place!

It Usually Starts With Knowledge...
And Goes Downhill From There!

Our Strategy Is Two-Fold

Always Starting With The Head...Before Worrying About The Rest!

Get Your Mind Straight First

Our Strategy Is Twofold_Start with Head_500x500

Our strategy is to start with the head, then work on the rest!  If the head isn't into it, then the rest of the body will fail when it's not convenient!

Then Get Your Body Into Shape!

Our Strategy Is Twofold_Then Body_500x500

Our implementation strategy is to have everyone help make their own changes.  It's the only way to ensure that the changes are going to stick.

Transformational Change Starts In The Head...
Otherwise It's Dead!

Our Method Is Unique

We focus on Lean, Agile, Flexible, Strong & Synchronized Value Streams...Not Methodologies!

Evolution of anleyez Method


Commitment Promise

Commitment Promise

Commitment from the "head" is mandatory...
Otherwise, the project is dead!

Assessment, Diagnosis & Recommendations

Assessment, Diagnosis & Recommendations

Understanding where you are along with our recommendations on how to get there efficiently and effectively!

Value and Waste Strategies/Tactics

Value and Waste Strategies/Tactics

We will figure out how to simultaneously create value while eliminating waste in your business.

Developing Standards

Developing Standards

We look at ALL the standards...People, Process, Product & Environment!

Metrics, Measurement Systems & Scorecards

Metrics, Measurement Systems & Scorecards

Metrics drive behaviors...good and bad. 

Continuous Improvement Habits

Continuous Improvement Habits

How often are you making improvements?  

And More...

And More...

Depending on your specific situation, we have many different tools that may be required for the job.

Ultimately, It's About Total Business Excellence...
People, Process, Product & Environment!

We Aren't For Everyone

We Target Athletes...Those With Motivation To Commit!

Everyone Wants To Be The Best...

Total Business Transformations_We Aren't For Everyone_1280x720

But Not Everyone Is Willing To Put In The Work!

You Must Be Mentally, Physically and Socially Prepared...
To "Play In The Pro's"!

What You Can Expect

Improvements In Every Facet Of Your Business...

What You Can Expect_Happier Teammates_500x500
Happier Teammates
What You Can Expect_Improved Quality_500x500
Improved Quality
What You Can Expect_Improved Strength_500x500
Improved Strength
What You Can Expect_Improved Flexibility_500x500
Improved Flexibility
What You Can Expect_Improved Agility_500x500
Improved Agility
What You Can Expect_Synced Value Streams_500x500
Synced Value Streams
What You Can Expect_Reductions In Costs_500x500
Reduced Costs
What You Can Expect_Improved Performance_500x500
Improved Performance

We Even Gaurantee The Results...

We Are That Confident In What We Do!

Why anleyez_Gaurantee_1280x720

It's Up To You...

And What You Choose To Do!

Good Luck Getting Other "Consultants"...
To Guarantee The Work They Do!

Are You Ready To Get Started?

What Are You Waiting For?