About The Founder

An Interesting & Unique Evolution

Scott Charlton

Business Doctor, Psychologist & Coach!

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Highly-skilled people, process and change expert that specializes in business transformations and business assessments - specifically for business owners and investors, looking for world-class performance out of their investment.

With 25+ years of experience integrating transformational change within businesses of all shapes and sizes -- Scott enjoys working within any environment, and with ALL levels of the organization!

Formal Education:

  • M.S. Management of Technology (University of Minnesota)
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Brigham Young University)

Relevant Methodologies:

  • Lean Principles/JIT/TPS/One-Piece Flow
  • Kaizen
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Process Excellence
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Agile (Redundant with Lean Principles)


Changing Perspectives On Business & Business Performance!

My Evolution

Competitive Team Sports → Engineering  → Process Improvement → Business Transformations

Unique Evolution

Competitive Team Sports
  • Lifetime of personal habit development
  • Coaching and being coached personal responsibility
  • Personal responsibility and high-performing teams
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineer
  • Product, service and operational development
  • Setting up physical and digital manufacturing systems
  • Mental rigor to get to true root cause
Process Improvement & Program Management
  • Learning new methodologies
  • Fixing quality, delivery and cost problems
  • Continuous improvement and PMO development
Consulting & Business Transformations
  • Transforming the entire business
  • Creating high-performing teams
  • Development of Real-Time business models

A Consistent Progression Of Skills, Capabilities And Experience...
Building Upon Itself!


Below you can find an in-depth timeline of the major events that help shape...

Who I Am, What I Do & How I Do It Today!

*** If You Are Reading This Note ***
You are here before I have had time to "finish all the details" of the Timeline below...
The current content doesn't do justice to all the details I need to add!
Thanks For Your Patience!.  

First Quarter

Started With Sports...Ended With Engineering
The foundation of everything I do today!

Why Sports?

Wouldn't normally discuss this here, but the habits I learned on some very high-performing teams are the foundation of everything that I am doing today.

Sports, Sports and more Sports

From the time I was 5 I was already in every sport available.

13 Yr. Old World Series

Got my first taste of playing against the best of the best.

High School Sports

Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer & Track

  • Many honors
  • Athletic Scholarship to College (Football/Baseball)

2-Sport Student Athlete

Football, Baseball & Mechanical Engineering

1-Sport Student Athlete

Now it's just Football & Mechanical Engineering

Injury - Competitive Team Sports Are Done

Now it's time to rehab and finish my engineering degree

Lessons Learned (From All My Sports)

So Many...but mostly about teamwork and performance!

  • Teamwork
  • Measurement Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Accountability
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Coaching For Performance
  • Continuous Improvement Systems
  • Real-Time Business Management

Graduation - Time To Move On

Good Thing I Got A Real Education!

  • Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering

My First Job - R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer

  • Electro-Mechanical Switch Machine Development
  • Design & Sourcing over 1000 parts
  • Successful Transition to Manufacturing

Second Quarter

Time To Experience Change & Continuous Improvement

Transitioned To Manufacturing Engineer

Throwing It Over The Wall...
Running Around And Catching It!

  • Setting Up Manufacturing
  • Working With Suppliers on Quality, Cost, Delivery Standards
  • Successful Transition to Production Product

My First Continuous Improvement Project

Cost Reduction - The Purchasing Method

  • Reduce costs on switch machine
    • Material Changes
    • Supplier Changes
    • Lot Size Changes

Real Continuous Improvement Training Begins

Real Training & Experience Begins

  • Reducing costs the correct way...eliminating waste!
  • Learning & Applying Continuous Improvement Methodologies
    • Lean (Principles, Kaizen, JIT, TPS, SMED)
    • Others - Theory of Constraints, Agile, TQM

My First Line Transformation

Learning and applying the basics to a single-product line.

Black Belt Project - Improving Quality

Reduce DPMO on Product

  • Dramatically reduced defects 

My First Department Transformation

Fixing What I Just Implemented...

  • After learning about process, we re-aligned the entire department to integrate flow & pull.

My First Business Transformation

Successful Transformation #1

  • Plant Consolidation - Combining 290K of total space into 90K!
  • Major Throughput Improvements
  • Major Productivity & Cost Savings

First Consulting Gig

My First Consulting Gig

  • Very High-Tech Experience
    • Major Quality, Delivery and cost improvements to the delivery mechanism for DNA sequencing!

Digital Servicing Experience

Time For Digital Servicing Experience

  • Applying Lean Principles & Concepts in the Global Banking Arena!
  • Part of a Larger Six Sigma Integration, but my expertise was more Lean than Six Sigma
  • Started in Credit Card Servicing
  • Very successful transition to service, especially compared to peers from manufacturing environments.

Standardizing The Call...Ground Zero for Improvement

Standards Are The Gateway To Improvement

  • Standardizing The Call
  • Creating A Measurement System and management system to measure quality and delivery
  • Re-aligned coaching routines and habits 
  • Weekly Quality "Gage Sessions" for associates, managers and QC to align the coaching quality.

Differentiated Servicing Models

Multiple Sales & Service Models Implemented

  • Consolidated servicing for both clients and client managers across the United States for "valuable" customer segments
    • Premier & Private Banking (Personal)
    • Small Business, Business Banking & Commercial (Business)
  • Grew from call centers to fully integrated contact centers servicing all the channels.

Re-Engineered Measurement System & Management Routines

Re-aligning the Improvement Systems

  • Developing correct metrics that measure both process and people accurately
  • Modified the management routines to focus on quality and delivery improvements separately, together!
  • Instituted a coaching program to train the manager's and associates

MBB Project - RT Control Developed

Real-Time Control Gen 1

  • What Is Everyone Doing Right Now?
  • What Should They Be Doing?
  • How Do We Tell Them?
  • It was obvious to me...
  • Business Audibles & Real-Time Control Is Born
    • The Only way to answer the questions above!
    • Not everyone was ready for this, but our business did!

Real-Time Control Gen 2

Integrate With Middle Offices

  • Now that we can move people around easily with our real-time communication system...
  • It was time to integrate with our Middle Offices, allowing us to pull capacity to/from our entire team.
  • Now we are utilizing resources more effectively...It's time for our final transformation, the entire business.

Digital Business Total Transformation #1

Business Transformation #2

For our final implementation of all the pieces we have been working on to build an entire business correctly, it was time to wrap-it up into an official transformation, where day 1 everything is different.

  • Major System Planning & Integrations
  • Scorecard Changes
  • Communications

When all was said and done, we were saving over $1M/mo and ahead of budget 6 months early.  This afforded us the time and money to invest in continuing what we started.  

Lastly, and not to brag, our LOB ended up with 100% associate Satisfaction with their job...in a contact center! 

That is what this is all about and what I always try to replicate when I have the control! 

Banking Center Servicing Project

Charged With 2 Questions...

  1. Why Aren't The Sellers Selling
  2. Why Are We Spending >$500M on Account Maintenance?

With no measurement system, they were filling out a "ticky" sheet regarding their servicing - everyone had their own way of capturing this.

  • Engaged the System Architecture team to develop a measurement system based on the screens the 
  • Now they can finally know what people are actually doing in the banking center! 😉

Mortgage Servicing & Fulfillment

Untangling A Mess...Working With Mortgage After The Banking Crisis

  • Major measurement system issues between associates, manager's, QC & QA throughout the application and entire underwriting process.
  • Initial Gage R&R got 0%
  • Created a Mortgage Risk Template/Heat Map with Senior Risk Professionals, to visually identify risky areas of a loan, ensuring proper attention is paid.
  • Dramatic Improvements in consistency across all the pilot teams.
  • Final Implementation delayed 
  • Problems are Stirring
    • Major Frustration working in a dysfunctional group without any real authority, just influence and I was just getting fed up and needed a change.

When you know what needs to be done and people aren't willing to do it...it's time to move on.  Plus, I've learned everything I need to about banking.

anleyez, LLC Establish

Out On My Own...Kinda

  • Many people in my network
  • Current gig waiting for me already.
  • Easy decision to make!
  • Formed in Wyoming...
    • Why? Because I really didn't know any better and got bad advice

Sr. Consultant For Hire

Corporate Contract "Gigs"

  • Banking Risk Assessments (Union Bank)
  • Six Sigma Program Development (Cisco)

Ugh...Contract work is definitely lucrative, but not satisfying!

Time To Work With Some Startups

Wow...Not much different from the "small businesses" at the chamber!

  • Holding Company Mentoring on Business and Processing Methodologies (Evolution Business Group)
  • Marketing Technology Startup to Pre-Investment Stage (SelfieCam, HaloCam, iBlossom, Stori Inc. - lots of pivots)
  • Strategically guiding the overall process development as they grow
  • Implemented multiple CRM platforms

Small Business Experience

Small Businesses Are Really Small...You Better Be Flexible When It Comes To "Payment"

  • Most only need some marketing help
  • All need process discipline
  • Most have no money, so we worked things out for trades!
  • Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee

Great experience seeing how the cities and chamber's of commerce balance their attention on the corporations and the small businesses.

HOWEVER, they really don't have the same interests!

Partnership with R&G Consulting

Division Transformation

  • Global food and fragrance company looking to implement a Lean/Six Sigma program- with an emphasis on Lean. 
  • Major opportunities and problems identified post assessment, which caused major re-alignment.
    • They were basing data on bad measuring systems and no process or operating standards, which gave them incorrect "signals"
  • Implemented basic standards, measurement system and basic visual controls (IDEX)
  • Re-prioritized projects and re-started, going the right direction.
    • We lost about a month, but it could have been way worse!
  • Contract expired before full implementation
    • This could have been ugly if I didn't get the direction changed immediately!

Lessons Learned...Never again will I do work that I didn't personally assess first!

anleyez Transformation

It Is Now Time...Time To Get Serious!

  • Time to formalize my own improvement programs from everything I've learned
  • Time to focus on the clients I wanted to work with
  • Time to work with clients that aren't afraid to be judged!

Lastly, time to move my business officially to California and quit playing around with taxes!

Second Half Adjustments

Putting Everything Together Into My Own Program

Mental Adjustments

  1. No More Straddling The Wall...Do Your Own Thing!
  2. No More Partial Transformations
  3. Incorporate All My Learning Into My Own Programs
  4. Work With Owners That Care
  5. Create Partnerships

Transformation Programs Developed

  • Real-Time Transformations
  • Total Business Transformations
  • Business Owner & Investor Assessments

Business Assessments Refined

  • Business Owner/Operator
  • Investor/Investment Group Assessments

Time To Change The Game!

3rd Quarter (Current)

Time To Change The Game

The First Partnership...Real Time Data!!!

Partnership #1: Real Time Data 

I reconnected with our switch expert at the bank as she moved into the real-time data world with EthosIQ.

This is the most critical piece in everything I do...the data and measurement systems.  I'm glad I found a company, and a leadership group, that I can trust!

Our First Project - Business Assessment #1

Assessment #1 - Google Global Hiring Process

  • One of the critical value streams within a company!

Website Published

Before Our Website Was Even Done!
  • Global Hiring Process - one of the critical value streams within a company!

Let The Marketing Begin!

Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

  • Blog Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Networking